Before you start!

Read The last setup to hide this page.
Add Local Fonts
  2. Enter your font ie: Poppins
  3. Select the font-weight
  4. Select Modern Browser
  5. Copy the Generated CSS
  6. Add the CSS in /assets/css/font.css
  7. Download zip file
  8. Unzip Fonts in /assets/fonts/
Add Favicon
  2. Upload your image
  3. Scroll at the bottom
  4. Click Generate your Favicon and HTML code
  5. Download the Favicon package
  6. Code is not required!
  7. Unzip Files in /images/favicon/
Add Logo

The logo added acts as a placeholder

  1. In Figma, save the Logo in SVG format
  2. Save as logo.svg
  3. Save to /images/placeholder/
Add Plugins

Essential plugins:

Classic Editor, SVG Support, Autoptimize, Gravity Forms, All-in-One WP Migration, iThemes Security Pro

Last Step
  1. Create a new page ie. Home
  2. Open Dashboard
  3. Go to Settings > Reading Settings
  4. Set the Static Page
  5. Homepage > the new page you created