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Books by Rick Richman

And None shall Make them Afraid

Eight Stories of the Modern State of Israel

Americanism, with freedom and democracy at its core, and Zionism, the movement to create a free and democratic Jewish state, were the two most successful “isms” of the twentieth century. Their adversaries—communism, fascism, and national socialism (Nazis) —murdered millions. This is the story of how Zionism, supported by Americanism, created a modern miracle– told through the little-known stories of eight individuals who collectively changed history. Taken together, they recount both a people’s return to its place among the nations and the impact on history that a single individual can make.”

And None shall Make them Afraid And None shall Make them Afraid book

Racing Against History

The 1940 Campaign for a Jewish Army to Fight Hitler

Racing Against History is the untold story of three powerful personalities who sought to turn the tide of history. In 1940, David Ben-Gurion, Vladimir Jabotinsky, and Chaim Weizmann—the leaders of the left, right, and center of Zionism—undertook separate missions to America to seek support for a Jewish army to fight Hitler. This book presents Zionism’s historic figures and the American Jewish community at the beginning of the most consequential decade of modern Jewish history.

Rick Richman - Racing Against History book cover Rick Richman - Racing Against History book
Rick Richman Rick Richman

Rick Richman

Author & Speaker

Rick Richman is a resident scholar at American Jewish University in Los Angeles. He graduated with honors from Harvard College and New York University Law School.

He has written for Commentary, The Jewish Press, Mosaic Magazine, The New York Post, The New York Sun, PJ Media, and other publications.